About Shiver Shield

Based in Windsor, CO, Shiver Shield Inc. has spent the last decade developing and producing the best Extreme Cold Weather gear available.  We have always prided ourselves not only on a top quality product, but providing the best customer service in the world.  You call us, we answer.  You have a problem, we solve it.  You email us, you get an email back.  You order, we deliver.  Shiver Shield will do whatever we can to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, and that’s our promise.

The Brief History Of How Shiver Shield Came To Be.

We get this all the time:  “How did you come up with the idea for such a great product?”  The truth is, it all started because Brian, an avid hunter and outdoorsman, was frustrated because no matter what he did to stay warm, nothing worked.  Unless he put on layer after layer after layer of clothing, there was just no way to stay warm.  And of course everyone knows when you dress in that many layers it then becomes impossible to move, let alone hunt.

Being an engineer, he knew there had to be a solution.  So, He and Rebecca began researching different types of insulation and fabric and to make a long story short, they figured it out.  Aerogel insulation, the most thermally efficient insulation made, was the key.  Millimeters thin, this insulation combined with quiet, soft fabric made the ideal combination for hunting in the cold and thus, in 2009, Shiver Shield was born.  

Fast forward a few years and a generation of insulation later, Shiver Shield has overcome barriers, problems and struggles and is slowly but surely becoming a big name in the hunting industry and soon will be an even bigger name in others.  More and more men and women are discovering and experiencing Shiver Shield mittens, beanies, jackets, pants and other accessories and realizing they no longer have to fear the cold!