The Shiver Shield Difference

With over a decade under our belts, Shiver Shield was the very first company to successfully incorporate aerogel insulation in clothing!  Our clothing is warmer and more comfortable than any other gear available today.  But why aerogel?  What makes it so special?  What makes Shiver Shield the best cold weather gear available?

What is Aerogel?

Aerogels are one of the world’s lightest solid materials, composed of up to 99,8% air by volume. Most aerogels are based on silicium dioxide (SiO2), like glass, but their density is about 1000 times smaller. They are semi-transparent and have a light blue or yellow colour. Aerogels are composed of a dendritic structure made of SiO2 particles of a few nanometers, which are organized together in three-dimensional chains. The pores in between have dimensions in the range of 1-0,01 micrometers. Because of their very high porosity, aerogels have the lowest thermal conductivity values of any solid. They considerably reduce the three phenomena of heat transfer: convection is reduced because air cannot circulate through the (very small) pores; conduction is low because silica is a very poor conductor of heat; radiation can be reduced by adding carbon to the aerogel to absorb infrared radiation. The thermal conductivity of aerogel insulators is approximately two times lower than the thermal conductivity of for example PUR or EPS. This means that a lower insulation thickness can achieve the same energy savings and thermal comfort compared to more traditional insulation materials like mineral wool or EPS.

Experiments with Liquid Nitrogen and Dry Ice

We like this video because it really shows how our proprietary insulation performs in our garments.  It’s a no-nonsense display of the incredible performance of aerogel and how Shiver Shield has produced the lightest, thinnest most comfortable cold weather gear on the planet.


We sent our gear to a regional university for independent testing, and their results were phenomenal.

You don’t have to be a lab geek to understand these results!  Stan in black vs Stan in Shiver Shield shows clearly that Shiver Shield will keep you as warm as is possible in extreme weather conditions!