Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the commonly asked questions we get.  Have a question?  Contact Us!

Shiver Shield employs a proprietary aerogel-based insulation.  We are the first company to produce clothing using this incredibly lightweight material!  It’s a zero-loft insulation and is almost 40 times more efficient than the best fiberglass insulation.  The insulation itself is waterproof, windproof and extremely light and flexible.  

Technically we cannot claim this.  The INSULATION is waterproof, but anywhere there is a seem, it is subject to leakage.  However,  the garments we have do a pretty good job of keeping the water out, unless you’re in a rainstorm or a flood.  But keep in mind we designed this gear to be worn in extremely cold temperatures and if it’s raining, well, you might be inclined to wear something a bit more appropriate for temperatures above freezing.  All this said, we are currently in the process of taking this step to the next level and it won’t be long before we introduce lines of clothing treated with a water-repellent substance.

We understand skepticism.  Think about it this way-  Our products are not cheap!  They cost a lot to make and and they are superior in every way to any other jackets, pants, mittens, beanies, etc.  Shiver Shield is lighter, thinner, more comfortable than any other outerwear and you do NOT need any layers underneath!  Think about how much each additional layer costs and add it all up and consider the comfort level of all those extra layers underneath your jacket or pants. Also, if you’re able to extend your hunt by being able to stay out double or triple the time you could in regular bulky clothing, doesn’t it make Shiver Shield worth every single penny?    After all, what price can you put on being completely comfortable in the coldest, harshest environments?

We have not incorporated any type of antimicrobial odor elimination technology into Shiver Shield. We are still investigating antimicrobial fabrics that meet our high standards. However, until then we offer a product called AM-500 that is used to give a lifetime antimicrobial treatment to a variety of surfaces including fabrics and our janukation. This was specifically designed to treat Shiver Shield garments. AM-500 can also be used on all your clothing and equipment. AM-500 in combination with good personal hygiene is your best method for scent control.

Absolutely. Although you don’t need to, Shiver Shield is ideal to wear with compression fit base layer, under your scent control garments such as Scent-lok, or any other special clothing that you like to wear for your desired application or need. Shiver Shield will only improve your experience while wearing these other products.  However, we recommend no additional layers for the sole purpose of adding warmth!  

No.  At least not yet.  The reason we are hesitant to offer kids sizes is simply this:  This stuff is not cheap and kids grow out of all clothing rapidly.  We have not ruled out the possibility for the future, but for now we do not.

Not yet.  We’re always looking for opportunities, but as of yet we’re not quite there.  We believe once you experience  Shiver Shield, you will understand what makes it so special!  However, all you have to do is get something here.  If it’s the wrong size, just send it back and we’ll get you the right size!  Don’t like it?  Send it back within 30 days.  Simple as that.  See our return policy for more information.

We do not currently offer embroidery services.  However, if the order is big enough, we can accommodate. Contact us for details.

Once you purchase our gear, it’s yours to do with what you want.  It’s possible to hem, sew, cut slice, or otherwise modify the garments and the insulation, but it’s important you understand all warranties and policies become null and void the moment you pick up those scissors!