The Technology Behind Shiver Shield     

Shiver Shield -  What's the secret?

Shiver Shield uses aeorgel insulation.   It is composed of over 90% air, aerogel is a highly effective insulator with the lowest thermal conductivity of any solid.  Aerogel is strong, durable, and flexible material that is two to eight times more effective than traditional insulation.  Aerogel insulation is thin, compression-resistant, waterproof, yet breathable and windproof – the ideal choice for outdoor products.

  • Highest thermal performance
  • Minimum weight and thickness
  • Loft not required to maintain R value
  • Doesn’t compress or lose performance under load
  • Waterproof yet allows vapor transmission
  • Windproof
  • Increased fashion and design elements

Other insulation materials require loft to achieve their insulation value. Pressure causes these materials to compress dramatically and lose their loft along with their insulating capacity.  Aerogel does not need loft to deliver its high insulation value and it barely compresses, even in a foot bed under adult weight.  At 15 psi pressure, it retains over 85% of its original thickness and over 97% of its original thermal performance. No other insulation can match this performance.  Aerogel is a high performance insulation used in place of lofted insulation.

Other Interesting Facts
  • Aerogel is made of 99.8% air, air is locked in a solid material and cannot escape even under 600 psi.
  • Aerogel provides 39 times more insulating capacity than the best fiberglass insulation
  • Aerogel is chemically identical yet 3,000 times less dense than glass.

From the new show on Discovery, this clip demonstrates like no other the thermal abilities of aerogel.