Conquer the Cold in Comfort!™
Due to the very limited availability of the aerogel needed for Shiver Shield garments, the production we've had is nearly sold out. Please review the products section for remaining colors and sizes.  We are uncertain at this time when additional insulation will become available.  Currently, it appears that it will be sometime this winter for our next shipment.  Unfortunately, when you are making a product that has never been made before, there are some unforeseen challenges, delays, and hurdles along the way that must be overcome!

We sincerely apologize for the inability to produce the quantity of garments to adequately supply our growing demand.  Obviously the word is getting out!  We know this is as aggravating for you as it is for us.   We aren't going to give up trying to get some produced yet this fall, even if in limited quantities.  We will keep all our customers and fans updated on our website and Facebook page.  To all of our past and current customers, thank you for your continued support and to those waiting, believe us, when you get your Shiver Shield, you will quickly conclude it was worth the wait and all other cold weather gear will become obsolete!  Conquer the Cold in Comfort!™
Aerogel, the greatest insulation in the world, is what makes our garments special.  Check out this video for more information on this miracle product:
If this doesn't convince you, nothing will. Watch as Brian McFarlane is sprayed point blank with liquid nitrogen for 10 minutes while wearing a Shiver Shield Hunt jacket.

Shiver Shield in the News.  KCAU just featured Shiver Shield on their news.  Visit Scheels in Sioux City, Iowa and check out our insulated Camo Outer Wear.

Shiver Shield Cold Weather Gear is the most comfortable, lightweight thermally protected clothing on the market.  We know our clothing is going to be the only thing you'll want to wear when faced with extreme cold conditions.  Whether you're looking for thermal hunting clothes, warm work gear or very stylish, comfortable casual wear, Shiver Shield has a clothing line for you.  Insulated with aerogel, the lightweight, warm, comfortable clothing can be worn in any environment where cold conditions exist!

Inventory reduction sale!  All garments 40% off until further notice.  Buy now and save!
All new gear is coming!
We will have all new FABRICS, all new FUNCTIONALITY and a whole new look. Shiver Shield will now available in Realtree and MossyOak Camo patterns.

Dave Kincaid with a great buck taken with his Shiver Shield gear on!  Dave said he had his vest on that morning because it was -7 degrees!  He's going to Greenland next August for muskoxen and reindeer. You can bet Shiver Shield will be a critical part of that successful trip!  Congrats Dave!

Shiver Shield for Women is Coming Soon!  We know women are perpetually cold.  We're going to fix that.  So men, take heed:  We will soon be introducing an entire line of women's wear with the same great thermal protection found in our men's line of gear.

The Work and Play lines are made of 10oz Duck Cotton and the Hunt line is made of thin, waterproof tricot material.  All three lines contain generous amounts of aerogel insulation.  We promise you will find this to be as comfortable and as warm as we say.